August 27, 2014

3 reasons why blogging will boost your business!

love your t1d blogCreating and building your business is no easy thing. There are a myriad of things to do and oversights are just a way of life; even if you put hundreds of hours into your business you may still miss some important components. Without every box ticked you may not be successful and one way that has emerged to boost your business is to blog. Yes, I know what you are thinking, that blogging is for socialites who want to tell you which shop they went into today. However, the truth is that blogging is a great way to reach people and tell them about your business and products.

A good way to assist your business by blogging is to let someone else do some of the work for you, and you can do this by taking part in other people’s blogs. That may seem lazy on paper, but it is a well-worn method in practise, and it means you can get promoting your business or product without having to set up your own blog, and it is free. Of course, the key to success in this aspect is finding a blog that is in the same niche as your business – it is no good writing about printer toner on a Britney Spears blog!

There are many other reasons why blogging is a great thing to get into – take a look at three main reasons below.

Quick Name Recognition

It is a quick, cheap, and easy way to get your business’ name out there – consider it free advertising. If you find established blogs in your niche, then you already have a potential base of thousands who will read your posts and know your business name, where it is, and what it does. However, it is important to not just make your blog posts a sales pitch about your company – we are tier one design, a design company that creates high quality websites and mobile applications, and that is the first time I have mentioned our name. You should make your blogs interesting, on topic, and good to read – you can do this by replying to a comment on a blogging site or writing about a major part of your industry.

Building Relationships

Finding success in business is about knowing when to go it alone and when to get some help from others. Building industry relationships is a great way to do the latter. By blogging with other businesses you can build advertising relationships and you can even set up link exchanges or reciprocal advertising partnerships.

You are doing it now

If you are reading this you may have come here because you searched for blogging and business tips or because you are looking for website designers. Either way, you now know that tier one design is a premier UK based design company that build your profile utilising high quality website design and leading app development services at an affordable price. But it is also important to remember that this blog was not a sales pitch.

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