August 20, 2014

ecommerce: for smaller businesses

To quote a popular phrase, “It is a jungle out there” and these days owning and operating a small business is a major challenge. The sad truth is that established franchise names, chains, and large companies have taken over, and along the way they are eating up all the little guys. This predicament has meant that thousands of small businesses up and down the country have folded, and in many cases, budding business owners have turned to the internet to find a way to make a living with their idea or product.

In many ways the internet is still a new tool to many people starting out in business, even if it has been around for well over two decades. It is good to view the internet as another weapon in your pursuit for success in the face of fierce competition, another tool for your advertising and a potential boost to your revenue. Even in this age of the internet, the thought of using the world wide web to give a business fresh impetus is something that scares some owners.

Simply put, a website is essential in today’s market, and not just one that acts as a splash screen but one that actually sells the product or service you offer, i.e. an ecommerce website. If you think about this it makes perfect sense, as the numbers do not lie; people are now preferring to do their shopping online, whether it is to buy a new car, pet, DVD, or wife!

Of course, the great thing about the internet is the fact that your business is suddenly globally accessible, you can get your product or service to its target audience more easily, and at the same time you can reach far greater numbers of potential customers. More than just a website, you need to make your business destination an ecommerce website.

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