GoCardless app

GoCardless app & direct debit processing offers

dd Processing from Go CardlessIn 2012, tier one design released the first  app for the GoCardless direct debit (DD) processing system in the UK. The app runs on both iPhone & iPad and reports back regarding your DD transactions so you can view and manage your payments on the move.

Since then we have enjoyed a close relationship with GoCardless, and therefore have a brilliant offer for any business wanting to start taking DD, or existing users looking for a much more competitive rate on their transactions.

The benefits of using GoCardless are plentiful, including an exceptionally low processing fee of just 1% per transaction capped at a maximum of £2 per transaction (so even if you process £10,000, it is still only £2). With no sign up charge or monthly service fees, it is by far the best deal out there for your DD needs.

Furthermore, we have an offer with GoCardless – if you sign up through us, you will get all of the above, as well as a £50 credit applied instantly onto your account to cover the first £50 of transaction fees. Sign up for a free account today at, get £50 credit towards your first transactions, and enjoy brilliant service too.

Direct Debit Processing App From T1D and GoCardless