welcome to the future

If you have not heard about iBeacons already, you certainly will in the near future. Although they are mainly associated with Apple’s powerhouse of innovation, they are also available to android devices and are set to change the way we do a great many things…

beacons from tier one designSo, what is an iBeacon?
An iBeacon is a small, cheap transmitter that transmits using Bluetooth – the same technology that lets you use a hands free headset with your mobile phone, or lets your keyboard/ mouse communicate wirelessly with your computer.

What does it look like?
Small and discrete, so you can easily hide them – in price stickers, name badges or museum stickers, and just about anywhere else you can think of.

What does it do??
It talks to your wireless devices – your mobile phone, iPad or other tablets. With a special app on your device, iBeacons can send messages, information or weblinks – or just advise you of their presence. There are so many uses not even we at tier one design have thought of them all!

I have not thought about them before – what can I do with them?
Here are some ideas:
• Store information – if you want more information on a product in a store, or in a store window after hours, an iBeacon can connect you with all the information you need
• Security devices – attached to a bona-fide product they can advise you of authenticity
• Lost and found – the easy way to find small items around the home or office
• Smart payments – simple but secure payments with your mobile device are another avenue to explore with iBeacons
• Personal security – keeping you and your loved ones safe
• Navigation – GPS is okay outdoors but what about when you’re inside? Another opportunity for iBeacons!

Is that it?
No, that is just the start. We are already creating apps that exploit iBeacon technology. In fact, if you would allow us to sing our praises a little, we are well ahead of the game in iBeacon technology and are currently defining the opportunities. We could go on. Instead we would like to help you make your iBeacon-based visions a reality. Let us know your ideas and our iBeacon experts will work with you to help turn those ideas into a profitable – and marketing leading – reality.