May 29, 2014

John Bryan: Google Interview

It was a great honour for us to be selected for an interview by Google as a prime example of a PPC provider:

Google Engage for Agencies – Making Businesses Stand Out with Google Engage

John Bryan started Staffordshire IT from the back room of a house.

“I’d been involved in the industry since 1990 and was a fully trained technician.” says John. “Without wanting to sound arrogant, I knew many of the services could be done far better, so started my own company in 1999. I was not a businessman back then, but hard graft has seen us grow into a very successful company.”

What makes a business stand out?

Staffordshire IT evolved into tier one design, now based in Birmingham, providing services to Staffordshire, Warwickshire, Derbyshire, Sutton Coldfield, Solihull, Burton and Rugeley. It offers a full end-to-end service – bespoke software and app development, ecommerce and EPOS systems and global data management. It also offers web design, SEO and web marketing.

“There are not many companies in the UK that offer such a diverse range of computer – and online-related services,” says John. “It sounds like a cliché to call us a one-stop-shop, but we are – and for a good reason: there’s no outside party to blame if something goes wrong. We’ve found that such service keeps satisfied clients coming back to us.”

From struggle to success

In the early days, Staffordshire IT faced the same problems of any new and emerging company – how to get the word out to potential clients and cost-effectively market the business.

“In 2002 we approached a web marketing business who quoted £3,000 a week for a Google AdWords campaign! We were assured the AdWords would transform our business, so we decided to have a go ourselves at becoming organic SEO experts,” says John. “That is where the Google Engage for Agencies training programme has been brilliant for us,” says John.

A Google AdWords Certified Partner

“Google Engage takes only a few hours to master, as you get a dedicated person at Google who makes incredible sense of tools like AdWords, AdWords Express and Analytics. Google are so hands-on, we would have been lost without them.”

tier one design is now a Certified Partner, which shows clients it is proficient in managing AdWords and AdWords Express campaigns.

The training has allowed John and his staff to increase clients’ web traffic while slashing their own marketing costs.

“Another aspect is the Google Engage incentive vouchers that allow us to go to potential customers and say, ‘hey, try Google AdWords or Google AdWords Express at no financial risk to you’. And once they see growth in traffic – and their business – they wonder why they did not do this earlier.”

Proof lies in the PPCs

One of tier one design’s bigger clients is a Midlands car dealer who were spending £15,000 a month on web marketing.

“Overnight we reduced that to £6,000 through a savvy, Google-based PPC campaign – and they got far more traffic than before. That simply would not have happened without what we’d learned on Google Engage.”

Taking the company forward

tier one design’s experts launched i-Manage, an application John says has revolutionised the way service industry companies and tradesmen can quote, invoice and fill in timesheets, generally doing away with the need for any paperwork.

“Because it’s a product, it has done very well with a PPC platform behind it, as we have put it against other products without spending two years doing organic SEO.”

John has certainly come a long way from sitting in his backroom dreaming up a new company. “Google products and hard work…you can’t beat them!”

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