John Bryan

creative director

In 1991 I completed a Diploma in Computer Sciences at Staffordshire College and began working as an Account Manager for distribution company ZCL (who brought the Commodore Amiga into the UK and were partnered with Amstrad back in the early days when Alan Sugar did some real graft). After ZCL I went into another technical sales job at Software Warehouse and then onto a position as an IT Manager and Web Developer for the large independent PC manufacturer ‘Sight and Sound’. By this time I had become fully accomplished in my trade and gained qualifications in project management, ecommerce and technical elements such as NT Server, Terminal Server and Citrix Metaframe.

Over the years I noticed that the industry was firmly focused in the sale of PCs, yet there was a big gap in actual on-site IT company support, so I started my own IT Support business from the spare room of my house in 1999. I was certainly no businessman back then (some might still say that now!) but I’ve always been a worker and forward thinker and now with 20 years under my unwelcomely expanding belt, I am what I am today.

I had been qualified in web design and e-commerce since 1998 and in 2001 I became an authorised Actinic e-commerce developer, while in 2003 with 6 staff now employed in the IT Support company I had started, I began my journey into the embryonic world of SEO. That lead me years later to be commissioned internationally as an SEO professional and as recently as 2012 I was interviewed for a published piece on successful online marketers by Google themselves.

I am now co-founder and MD at tier one design; a small yet highly skilled digital design agency specialising in app and website design, software development, EPOS and e-commerce; with my team at my side we produce highly successful apps; such as the globally used iManage system and lifestyle apps like ShutterPro.

I truly enjoy my job as designer and developer for t1d, and with the technical experience of my team and my genuine enthusiasm and excitement, we provide services with a stunning end product, graphically and technically.