Peter Cope


I’ve been a proponent of technology since before the word was established in the dictionary. I like few things as much as discovering what the latest advances can do and deliver.

University provided me with the chance to indulge more of my passions – astronomy and astrophysics – during which I was introduced to the virtues of computer programming using such esoteric languages as S-Algol, Pascal and Forth. I then followed in the footsteps of Stephen Fry and Douglas Adams in getting my hands on one of the first Macintosh computers to make it to the UK (albeit, in my case, second hand and some years later).

I am a strong believer – if belief is necessary – that technology really does improve people’s lives and experiences. Whether in small or profound ways, I am always keen to discover (or create) the opportunities that new advances and developments across the technology spectrum can make.

My roles in marketing and business development capitalise on my enthusiasm and that is something that I hope comes across strongly when I talk with clients about new projects and ideas. The term ‘blue sky thinking’ has become something of a cliché but I it find remarkably liberating.

I’m not someone for mantras or tenets, but if you were to push me on what drives me, it’s the quest to achieve something, big or small, every day; and for that something to make a difference, hopefully good, to other people’s lives.