Steve Bates

lead developer

In 2001 I completed my A-Level studies in ICT at Tamworth College, which soon led to the start of a career in software development. Soon after leaving college I applied for various jobs and was accepted for a position working for John Bryan at his then predominantly IT Support focused company. This saw the start of a partnership that one day would lead to us forming tier one design together.

In 2005 I turned self-employed which meant I spent my time working on various projects including retail based ePOS systems (creating one of the first tills with a web interface for checking live x-reads), digital jukebox entertainment systems (accepting money in return for playing live legally downloaded music), and online software packages such as billing and invoicing software. During this time I gained invaluable experience on the more intricate coding systems and how day to day businesses should operate.

Whilst working on various web sites and building e-commerce or information based sites for clients, I would always be thinking of ways to push the sites even further. Ideas to better improve things such as instant online invoicing – instead of posting out an invoice or sending it by e-mail, it gets delivered online instantly; something that would later become the ground basics of the well-known t1d product iManage. It’s this passion for coding, development and pushing barriers that also saw the creation of other popular products on the Android and Apple App Store such as ShutterPro.

As well as working closely with John and the gang on new products and technologies, I’m a fully qualified and experienced developer in Objective-C (Apple iOS), Java (Android), .NET (Windows) PHP and SQL to name just a few. You’ll normally find me working on the more advanced software creation, app development and ecommerce sites and advanced EPOS systems that are being provided by my team and I at t1d.