January 22, 2014

iManage 1.3: iPhone and iPod functionality!

tier one design have released iManage version 1.3, which brings with it a fully functional iManage app for iPhone and iPod.

One of the most popular requests was for the ability to create and file job sheets directly from your iPhone/iPod. This opens iManage up to hundreds more small businesses that don’t currently have any iPads to give out to their engineers. The iPad app has been redesigned for easier input and the app is designed universally across all 3 devices (or 4 if you include the iPad Mini).

See below for a full list of what has been updated:

What is new in Version 1.3.0?
– Introducing iManage for iPhone and iPod Touch – with a new design and layout to the iPad job sheet section, you can now file job sheets directly from any iPhone or iPod Touch (as well as an iPad).

– Barcode scanning – now available without the need to bump with an iPhone.

– Private notes – engineers can now save private notes to their device so they can go back later for a reminder.

– Stock scanner – for those customers using the stock module you can perform a quick look-up of product information.

– Improved location services – including geo look-ups on job sheets. When an engineer is on site, the job sheet will now look-up their address and make a note of it as evidence of where the job sheet was completed.

You can sign up for a free 14-day trial by clicking here (no credit card or payment method required)

iManage App