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ultra fast and secure web hosting

tier one design have created a superb, business level web hosting product at an amazing price. Our package includes exceptional levels of customer support, premium products and very high speeds, as well as genuine UK based hosting.

Your website, as standard, will sit on our clustered servers. This gives your site the combined processing power, memory and reliability of a group of powerful servers, ensuring that your website will have one of the best up-times in the UK. Multiple visitor hits, large databases or business applications with complex online equations pose no problems, you will still get practically instantaneous results with our service.

We offer all of our clients daily full site backups; if you overwrite a web page, make a mistake or your site is maliciously altered, there is no problem – the site can be restored within 2 hours of you contacting us.

web speed image t1dOur superb technicalities offer a real improvement on your SEO; when combined with the incredible speed from the multiple servers (on average 8 times faster than standard) you are getting one of the best hosting services available in the UK.

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