August 30, 2014

web hosting from tier one design

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to enjoy web hosting that is simple, secure and safe, look no further. tier one design provides ultra-fast and secure UK-based web hosting, that rewards you with a rapid loading, easily accessed website and data.

This is because our servers are all actually located in the UK, unlike other companies who will use servers in Germany or America, while leading you to believe that they are in the UK.

If you host your website with tier one design, it will be treated as a VIP. It will sit on our clustered servers which will provide it with the processing power, memory and reliability that you get from combining multiple servers. The benefit to having this set-up is that your website will have one of the best up-times in the UK: multiple visitor hits; large databases and business applications that calculate complex equations are all a walk in the park for the system and you will notice almost instantaneous results with our service – look at our hosting as the equivalent of a stay in a five-star hotel.

There’s more… Hosting from t1d provides you with a service that most competitors cannot, and that is daily automatic full site backups. Have you ever had a corrupt webpage? Been hacked? Overwritten a page? It’s not a problem. When you combine this service with the incredible speed (average of 8 x faster, which is crucial for SEO), you are really getting one of the best hosting service provisions in the UK today.

You can get all of the above from £12 a month, no hidden costs – our most expensive package is still only £15 a month.

Call us on 0121 2855544, click here to email us or visit the  tier one design website for more tips and advice on all things design, coding or development.