July 3, 2014

improve the usability of your website

tier one design helps you create the perfect website for your business, and of course this means giving you the very best in contemporary looks. However, when we discuss designs with our clients we always say that by itself it is not enough – sure, we will supply you with a phenomenal design that will have your client base impressed, but what would the point be if your site was littered with poor content?

Your site needs to offer intelligence and beauty. People often imagine that if you have a good product and/or service, that coming up with engaging content is not going to be a tough task. But so many want their website to be basically a cluttered maze of content, with intricate drop down menus, flashy transitions, and more.

At tier one design we can certainly knock out a bespoke website with all the bells and whistles, but it is important to remember that modern and good looking does not mean over the top and hard to navigate. Think of some of the most popular websites that you visit – I bet most of them are easy on the eye, slick, well designed, and a doddle to navigate. Below are some things we suggest you think about when mulling over your website design, and remember when you build with us we are there every step of the way to help you reach, and often exceed, your goals.

Text Matters

What you write on your website is all important. In terms of giving potential clients information on what you sell or offer you need to keep it simple, to the point, and professional. If you love to go off on a tangent and chat about your day, create a blog or article section and keep it there, although even then you need to keep it on topic.

Having great content is pointless if your text is not formatted to your website properly. Luckily this is our job not yours and we guarantee that your text will be readable, clear, and aligned perfectly, while we also keep the fonts simple but effective.


Sure, high-end futuristic menu methods may look good but in terms of getting customers to your products, simple and easy is always best. That is the reason top websites don’t go overboard with fancy features. Simple tabbed navigation menus are a great way to get visitors to certain drop off points within your site, but what if you have thousands of articles? A simple website search engine will let clients seek out the content they want while even a good old fashioned glossary can also do the job.

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