June 10, 2014

make it easy to buy from your site

I can guarantee that whatever niche or market your website is aimed at, it is a competitive one. Selling your product or service is a hard job, but so often I see business owners who are making it hard on themselves by not designing their website optimally. If clients don’t know how to buy from you, they won’t – it really is that simple.

The order process needs to be easy and hassle-free. The easiest and most common way to do this is to have a link button on any product that you showcase on your website; these link buttons typically say “buy now”, “buy” or other variations of the same.

Once your potential customers can get to your payment form, then you will want to keep things simple while giving a complete list of payment options. The booking/payment form should be simple, with clear instructions.  Only ask for relevant details, and think about payment options – having just one limits who will buy from you. Offer as many payment methods as you can (credit/debit cards, cheque, bank, PayPal, etc.).

Proving your credentials is also important; you want your clients to know you are legitimate and the real deal. Your order form should be using encryption technology, any purchases should come with some sort of guarantee or return option, while offering a robust customer services operation helps customers feel at ease when purchasing from you.

Above all else, make sure that the products or services you sell are easily reached on your website. Make finding and paying easy, and boost your online business!

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