September 4, 2014

t1d sponsors starchaser

Starchaser tier one design

tier one design are flying very, very high… Birmingham based app, software and web designers tier one design have been involved with Starchaser Industries for a number of years, providing IT and web services to this space-oriented company…

Starchaser have been sending rockets of varying sizes skywards since 1992; CEO Steve Bennett explains, “millions of people dream of taking pleasure flights into space, of experiencing the exhilaration of launch, the thrill of weightlessness and seeing the stunning views of our home planet from altitudes of over 100km. Starchaser is designing and building the rockets and space-related hardware that will make this dream a reality.”

However, this is obviously not a cheap past-time, and funding is not always easy to come by – this is where tier one design came in. “Starchaser have in stock an amazing array of rockets and launchers to captivate everybody from fascinated kids to adult enthusiasts. They really needed a better way of selling these products, and so we designed a simple, clear ecommerce website to enable the public to access these rockets easily and quickly,” John Bryan, of tier one design states. “In return for our time, Steve has involved us in a number of rocket launches, and our t1d logo has been launched spaceward, even if we have yet to get there!”

Starchaser are hoping to launch a person-carrying rocket into space by 2016, but need to raise £100,000 to realise this dream.

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