May 1, 2014

the importance of a good design

It is important to think of your website as the centre of your online business; it is your virtual hub and represents you, whether your company exists as a physical entity or not. First impressions are everything, or so the saying goes, so it is vital that your website projects the best possible image of you and of your company. When conducting business online you cannot interact with your customers physically, making a snazzy design with impact especially important.

good design t1dTry to compare your online business to an offline one. For example, would you expect customers to come to you if your building was falling down, or if your staff were dressed poorly? Reputable offline firms make their staff dress appropriately for the task they perform, while premises are kept clean and modern.  It is a simple and easy way of showing your customers that:

a)      You are the real deal.

b)      You care about quality and about them.

It is no different when it comes to making your website, first impressions count! Here at tier one design, we will ensure that you will get it right first time, and will have a website that is stylish, modern, usable, and designed with every detail in mind. The advantages of having your site built by us and of having a good looking website are numerous.

If your website looks like something the kid next door, who gets good grades in IT, threw together in his spare time, then it shows that you do not care.

Of course, having a great looking website is one thing, but having one that also fits the needs of your customer base can be the difference between success and failure. We will design the site to your meticulous needs, focusing the finished product to your business, allowing the website to truly become the focal point of your company.

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