June 18, 2014

unsubscribes are sometimes good…

If you are like most new marketers, you dread the part when you login to your mail campaign manager only to see that you have a bucket load of unsubscribes – ‘bad times’ you may think, but usually this could not be further from the truth.

The first point (and yes maybe the lamest) is that you are actually using your list. The only time we ever see a client not getting unsubscribes is when they never bother to send an email in the first place. If you are not going to use the list why go to the time, money and effort to build it? So congratulate yourself when you get unsubscribes because you are actually using your list.

The second thing is that someone has opened your email. To unsubscribe they had to at least open the email and click the unsubscribe link. The good thing here is that you can have a safe gamble – unless they are particularly worried about their junk folder, you know it beat today’s ever aggressive spam filters. There is nothing worse than taking time and heartfelt detail over an email that you just KNOW is not spam and your clients would love to receive, to have 95% of email clients throw it straight in the trash. So yes, this one guy did just unsubscribe, but not only is it a good indication that your messages are not going straight from your keyboard into the recipients junk box, but also that your headline worked enough to at least open the email, so well done you!

The third good reason to be glad to get unsubscribes has to do with personality. Now here is a shocker – not everyone is going to like you or your writing style. Some people reading this will be totally switched off to my informal style and think I am an imbecile so how could I ever help them? The good thing, though, is that if they do not care for your style at this stage (and you have been true to yourself and your company) you will probably never build a good relationship with them.  If you can’t build a relationship with them, they will either never buy from you or they will be nothing but hard work from start to finish; personalities clash so who needs them anyway, huh?!? So each unsubscribe will make your list more targeted to people who like your style and are more likely to respond favourably, meaning a productive and enjoyable relationship for both parties is more likely to blossom.

So now you have three (well 3 and a half really) great and positive reasons to no longer dread seeing all those people who have decided to unsubscribe from your email campaign, blog or newsletter. Rejoice in the fact that you are actually making your list stronger and more profitable for yourself in the long run.

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