April 17, 2014

using free website creators and templates

Let’s be honest, there are a load of services out there that offer free website creation, which on paper looks pretty fantastic. Imagine it for a second – you can set up your own website and promote your business online for free, but sadly like many things on the internet it is never quite as good as it sounds.

For a start these free services typically make you have to put their name as part of your website URL, so for example would become something like These free services also limit what you can do, so any thoughts you have about making an expansive online store can be forgotten, while any individual online footprint can be too.

To get any extra services like your own domain, designs, and extras like shopping carts you have to pay these “free” companies, and usually quite a lot of money. You could spend hundreds of pounds and still not have a website that is truly individual and yours. That is why many serious businesses turn to us at tier one design because they know they will get a completely bespoke website that is packed with the rich features that they need to boost their company online.

So what about templates? In many cases templates are an affordable way to create a layout for your website while they can also save plenty of time. Unlike free website services, I would say templates have their good and bad points and CAN be considered when you have your website designed and built. However, no matter where you found your template it has almost certainly been used before so if you do use a template, you should still have it edited to your specifications to make your website and online business totally unique.

We specialize in editing the templates that you have in mind, and can add a myriad of features, plugins and design changes to what you already have, giving you the perfect online representation. You also need to select a template that best shows off the niche you operate in and the product/s that you are selling. For example if you sell copper piping, a functional basic template would work better than a pink one with bubbles and flowers!

Remember, whether you start from the ground up or use a template, the most important thing is quality.

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