April 24, 2014

want an online credit card merchant account?

It is something that many small businesses overlook, but an online credit card merchant account can help and revolutionise your company in ways you may not have imagined. Many small companies or organizations make the mistake of thinking only high flying business types and multi-million pound corporations need a merchant account, but this could not be further from the truth. In fact there are plenty of reasons why a smaller company or even a home business should have this credit card payment tool; not least to increase your company profile, speed up your business dealings and heighten your online presence.

One of the reasons that we would recommend a credit card merchant account is because they are easy to get – you should be able to apply through your company’s bank, there is a pretty good chance that your banking institution can offer business owners a merchant account. However, don’t jump straight into bed with your bank because you could find a better deal elsewhere, so take a close look at any terms and fees that are tagged on. Like with many things, the internet is your friend, so take a browse around the WWW and find the lowest prices for merchant services. Of course, cheapest does not usually mean the best, so look for a service that offers the best mix of value and features – a credit card merchant account should come with some variation of the following things; application fee, setup fee, gateway, maintenance and service, annual membership, and more.

One of the best services we have come across for credit card merchant accounts is CashFlows, an English provider that offers many of the required features mentioned above in its standard packages. Like other similar services, getting a merchant account with CashFlows gives you the opportunity to add a touch of professionalism to your company, allowing you to enhance the way you do business. It also means you can go through business dealings at a faster rate, giving your customers’ piece of mind that you expedite things more quickly.

A credit card merchant account will also give you the tools to better represent your business on the web, and coupled with your website you could have a potent double whammy! Utilizing a high quality website from tier one design will help you have an online face that is respected and welcoming, drawing customers in long enough to make that all important sale. When the customer does decide to purchase your product or service, your merchant account will allow them to pay immediately by credit card.

Whether you are selling drawing pins or iPads, your business cannot afford to slip behind the competition, so it is definitely worth considering a merchant account for your business.

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